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The importance of preventing damage through hydro excavation for Maryborough businesses

Hydro excavation, as the name suggests, utilises water and an air vacuum. It involves injecting water under high pressure into the soil, then using an air vacuum to suck the mixture into a debris tank. It is an efficient, safe, clean, and non-destructive excavation method. Sludgebusters frequently carry out hydro excavation in Maryborough as part of a range of projects.

Other common methods of excavating such as the use of a backhoe or a shovel are very tiresome and time-consuming. For instance, using a backhoe utilises heavy machinery which lacks accuracy and can cause damage to the nearby areas. On the other hand, hydro excavation is environmentally friendly and fast, which helps project managers get good results while consuming minimum resources.

Hydro excavation is an efficient method of exposing the ground, and it is highly applied in the construction industry, subsurface engineering, oil and gas mining projects, plant maintenance, and in the electrical industry. This method of excavation can also be used in landscaping, potholing, cutting trenches, water pipes, and digging out contaminated soil.

The major benefits of hydro excavation are:

Cost efficiency

Using a backhoe leaves dents on the land that require a lot of post-digging work and repairs. Such repairs increase the cost of a project by a great margin. However, the hydrovac trucks do a clean job whilst preventing the degradation of surrounding areas and damage to nearby utilities.

Improved safety

Most of the machines used in excavation use either electricity or fuel, which puts workers in danger. However, hydrovac only uses water and an air vacuum, which do not expose workers to any danger. The machines can as well be used from a distance, which ensures safety and reduces traffic on site. There is minimal risk of injuries since there is no heavy machinery that comes into contact with the workers.

Even when excavating a small area using traditional methods, the process can be time-consuming, labour intensive and tiring. Hiring a hydrovac truck helps dig and move soil faster whilst enabling the project owner to save money.

For quality hydro excavation in Maryborough, hire a professional who will be able to locate underground cables and pipes to prevent unwanted damage as well as streamline the digging operations by using reliable methods. With decades of experience, give Sludgebusters a call today.