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How often do restaurants need grease trap / triple interceptor cleaning?

Grease trap /triple interceptor cleaning should be carried out at restaurants at least every 3-months, to prevent waste pipes and drains getting clogged.

Sludgebusters provide quarterly grease trap cleaning to many commercial kitchens throughout Victoria, helping them continue optimal productivity year-round.

Consequences of not having your grease trap cleaned regularly

Unpleasant stench

Failure to have your grease trap cleaned regularly will result in a build up of decomposing food scraps that will create an unpleasant environment for your staff to work in.

Blocked drains

Grease or scraps can build up and harden over time, blocking your drains and causing numerous plumbing issues across your entire system. This is a nightmare for a busy kitchen and can grind cooking and business in general to a halt.

Having to clear a blocked drain or replace parts of your plumbing system is a lot more expensive and time consuming to fix than simply having a regular grease trap / triple interceptor cleaning schedule that ensures this nasty build-up doesn’t occur.

Potential to flow into wastewater system

This would be a potentially disastrous outcome where the build-up of grease and food scraps could flow into your septic tank or wastewater system affecting the water supply to your restaurant.

This could potentially result in your business receiving fines from regulatory bodies, health risks to staff and customers, and tarnish your reputation with your customers.


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