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Sludgebusters FAQ

What is desludging?

Sludge is the residual semi-solid material left from the wastewater of sewage treatment processes in septic tanks and home wastewater treatment plants. Sludgebusters doseptic tank cleaning which is also known as desludging. 

Do I need to clean my septic tank?

Yes. In order to keep your septic tank operating effectively it is important to have your septic tank regularly cleaned and emptied every three years to avoid costly repairs and expenses down the track. For enquiries about septic tank cleaning phone us at Sludgebusters.

You are also hydro excavators, what is hydro excavation?

Our hydro excavators use pressurised water to break up soil that is then removed through a vacuum system and deposited into a debris holding tank, that is then disposed of by Sludgebusters at the end of the job. As it removes all access dirt and debris hydro excavation is less invasive method of slot trenching, potholing and pipe location. Hydro excavation causes less surface damage, reduces disruption of traffic and can be easier and less expensive to repair. Hydro excavation is also known as ‘potholing’, ‘vacuum excavation’ and ‘non-destructive digging (NDD)’.

Why use hydro-excavation?

Hydro excavation is the safest process to identify buried underground services and piping such as gas, electrical and water. It is the endorsed and preferred method of owners of major infrastructure for identifying existing underground services.

What is grease trap cleaning?

Grease trap cleaning is removing all the grease that is stored in the grease traps in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, cafes, take aways, canteens, hotels etc. It is important to have grease traps cleaned regularly to make sure they don’t become blocked or clogged.

How much does it cost?

There are many factors that impact the price in a Sludgebusters quote such as your location, the size of your tank, the urgency, whether it is a waste treatment plant and more. Sludgebusters are happy to provide a free quote, simply phone us on 0417 598 614.

What areas in Central Victoria do you service?

Sludgebusters are located in Havelock, Victoria, that puts us in the prime position to service our clients throughout Central Victoria, we service Bendigo, Ballarat, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Maryborough and everywhere in between.

Do you provide an emergency service?

Yes. Sludgebusters are available to our customers for emergency services 24/7, that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone us on 0417 598 614.