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Commercial Services

Commercial septic tank and wastewater system services

Sludgebusters provide a comprehensive range of services to businesses in the Central Victoria region, including Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Daylesford and Maryborough, ensuring their wastewater systems remain intact and functioning properly.

Grease trap and triple interceptor cleaning

Sludgebusters are one of regional Victoria’s leading grease trap and triple interceptor trap cleaning specialists. Sludgebusters has a team of  grease trap cleaners that support commercial businesses in Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine and surrounding Victorian towns. We have a range of customers in the hospitality industry that rely on our grease trap and triple interceptor cleaning services.

Hydro Excavation/non-destructive digging

Hydro excavation or non-destructive digging is an excavation method used to safely locate underground fibre optic cables, water mains and gas pipes. The hydro excavation process is a very clean, precise and efficient method of digging while causing minimal damage to the surface above.

Car wash pit cleaning

Sludgebusters are wastewater specialists that can come out to your site and carry out car wash pit cleaning, and pump out all the sludge and debris from the pit and dispose of the waste at a certified disposal site. Supplying you with an EPA certificate so that you can prove to regulatory bodies that all of your waste is disposed of correctly and legally.

Contact the team at Sludgebusters for all of your commercial wastewater system needs.