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How often do restaurants need grease trap / triple interceptor cleaning?

Grease trap /triple interceptor cleaning should be carried out at restaurants at least every 3-months, to prevent waste pipes and drains getting clogged. Sludgebusters provide quarterly grease trap cleaning to many commercial kitchens throughout Victoria, helping them continue optimal productivity year-round. Failure to have your grease trap cleaned regularly will result in a build up... Read more

The importance of preventing damage through hydro excavation for Maryborough businesses

Hydro excavation, as the name suggests, utilises water and an air vacuum. It involves injecting water under high pressure into the soil, then using an air vacuum to suck the mixture into a debris tank. It is an efficient, safe, clean, and non-destructive excavation method. Sludgebusters frequently carry out hydro excavation in Maryborough as part... Read more

How often should Maryborough residents empty out their septic tank?

If you’ve got a septic tank on your property, making sure that it’s kept in good condition and emptied before waste builds up to a dangerous level is always a priority. A leaking or full septic tank isn’t just potentially extremely unpleasant, it can also be a significant health hazard. As a company that specialises... Read more

The benefits of hydro excavation for Maryborough businesses

Do you need excavation work carried out at your business, but you’re worried about hitting gas and water lines and damaging fibre optic services? Then you should use hydro vacuum excavation; a modern and safer method of excavating as opposed to more traditional methods. Why? Quite simply, there are several benefits associated with hydro excavation;... Read more

How to know if you need septic tank cleaning at your Maryborough (Vic) home

There are a number of warning signs that your septic tank needs to be cleaned or de-sludged. If you have noticed one or more of the following issues, then you may need to take action. If there are faint odours coming from your domestic septic tank, that’s completely normal. But if the odours are stronger,... Read more

How to avoid your business paying costly repairs in Bendigo with grease trap cleaning

Sludgebusters are the go-to team for grease trap cleaning in Bendigo, with our team ensuring businesses across the region have functioning wastewater treatment systems that can keep up with your business’s daily needs. Having your grease trap or triple interceptor cleaned regularly can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs if something goes wrong... Read more

Cleaning by Suldgebusters will keep your wastewater treatment system working year-round in Ballarat

Whether you own a business or home in Ballarat, wastewater treating system cleaning is a necessity to ensure your wastewater is efficiently and effectively disposed of.  It is recommended that you have your septic tank serviced and cleaned every three years for domestic properties, however for businesses you should have you wastewater treatment system cleaned... Read more

Septic tank desludging professionals

When it comes to septic tanks, desludging is another word for cleaning. And while the word ‘cleaning’ is enough to make most of us sigh with annoyance, putting the words ‘septic tank’ in front lifts it to a completely new level. Septic tank desludging is a job for professionals, such as the experienced crew at... Read more

Septic tank cleaners for St Arnaud homes

The trusty septic tank is a key piece of infrastructure for more than 250,000 households across Victoria. And while these wastewater treatment systems toil away day in, day out, their owners have a responsibility to ensure they are cleaned regularly to keep people and the ecosystem healthy. But don’t stress. Leave the hard work to... Read more

Septic tank cleaning a healthy necessity

Did you know that inadequately managed septic tank systems can lead to deadly pathogens contaminating drinking water? That’s why it is important to call on the experienced team from Sludgebusters for septic tank cleaning and system inspection on a regular basis. A recent ABC news report clearly highlighted the fact that contamination is a real... Read more
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