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Simple ways to have an efficient septic tank

The function of a septic tank is quite simple, capture the sludge/solids from wastewater that enters it, and allow any wastewater to pass through it. Bacteria play an important role in breaking down the solids that are captured in the tank. The more effectively your bacteria breakdown the solids, the more efficient your tank will operate. It... Read more

The Science behind Septic Tank Cleaning

To have your septic tank working at full efficiency you need to keep the conditions right for the bacteria in the septic tank to be able to break down the solids contained in the waste water. To keep bacteria at a working range, waste water in the tank needs to be at an acidity level or pH... Read more

How septic tanks work

Septic tank systems are designed to treat wastewater that is generated in households. Generally, all water from sink,s baths, showers, washing machines and toilets all drain into a single pipe that leads to the septic tank which is buried outside. When the wastewater enters the septic tank, the tank captures any solids in the waste and... Read more

What do I need to do to get a septic tank clean?

Call Sludgebusters to arrange a suitable time for us to complete the clean. We can generally be there on the same day you call to clean your tank. Know where your septic tank is located before we arrive. If the lid is buried try and expose the lid by digging the soil off the top... Read more

Who are Sludgebusters?

SLUDGEBUSTERS is a family-owned septic tank cleaning business that has been operating for 22 years. The business specialises in cleaning septic tanks and home waste water treatment systems. Sludgebusters also clean grease traps, in commercial kitchens, like restaurants, cafes, takeaway stores, canteens and hotels. Greg Butler of Sludgebusters says that while your septic tank or treatment system only... Read more