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Who are Sludgebusters?

SLUDGEBUSTERS is a family-owned septic tank cleaning business that has been operating for 22 years. The business specialises in cleaning septic tanks and home waste water treatment systems. Sludgebusters also clean grease traps, in commercial kitchens, like restaurants, cafes, takeaway stores, canteens and hotels.

Greg Butler of Sludgebusters says that while your septic tank or treatment system only needs cleaning every three or four years, cleaning at regular intervals increases the lifespan of your system.  If systems are not cleaned at regular intervals, they will become blocked. Blocked tanks are an inconvenience, especially when there are guests at your house.

“We are a small business, and have professionally trained staff that care about our customer’s assets. Expert skills are required to service Septic Tanks and Waste Water Treatment Plants, as they can be easily damaged if not serviced correctly.

It is the same situation when cleaning grease traps in commercial kitchens, we ensure there is minimal disturbance to assets when cleaning and ensure our customers business activities are not disturbed by arranging suitable cleaning times. We can organize cleaning schedules to meet trade waste agreements with your local Water Authority.

Other services include non destructive digging, and triple interceptor trap cleaning. Sludgebusters services propertiesin Bendigo,Ballarat, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Elmore, Heathcote, Maryborough, Raywood, Maldon, Bridgewater and St Arnaud and the surrounding districts. We provide special deals for cleaning multiple septic tanks on the same day.