ClickCease How Often Should Maryborough Residents Clean Their Septic Tanks?

How often should Maryborough residents empty out their septic tank?

If you’ve got a septic tank on your property, making sure that it’s kept in good condition and emptied before waste builds up to a dangerous level is always a priority. A leaking or full septic tank isn’t just potentially extremely unpleasant, it can also be a significant health hazard.

As a company that specialises in the maintenance, cleaning and care of septic tanks, how often should Maryborough residents empty out their septic tank is a common question that we get asked. We’ve detailed the answer below, as well as giving you a list of signs to indicate that your septic tank could require immediate attention.

How long should a septic tank operate before scheduled emptying is needed?

On average, a small residential property’s tank will need emptying once every three to five years. Obviously, this depends on the size of the tank and the number of people that use it. Even if the tank doesn’t need emptying, it should be inspected every three years to ensure that it’s working properly.

Commercial septic tanks may need emptying more frequently

If you are the owner or premises manager of a commercial septic tank, it may need to be inspected and/or emptied more often – get in touch and we will be happy to advise on a suitable schedule on a case by case basis.

Signs your septic tank could be full

Contact us immediately to take a look if you see any or all of the following signs, as they could be indicative of a full/overflowing septic tank which requires rapid attention:

  • Drains that take a while to empty.
  • Unnaturally lush vegetation on or near the septic tank.
  • Unpleasant smells with no obvious cause.
  • Backed up sewers.
  • Pools of water where there haven’t been any previously – these will persist even when there hasn’t been any rain for a while.

Regular emptying is essential to prevent unwanted build-up that could contribute to blockages in the future. Why risk it? For an empty septic tank Maryborough residents can count on, give Sludgebusters a call now to schedule a suitable date and time to have your septic tank emptied by our friendly, professional team.