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The benefits of hydro excavation for Maryborough businesses

Hydro excavation: a cleaner, safer way to excavate

Do you need excavation work carried out at your business, but you’re worried about hitting gas and water lines and damaging fibre optic services? Then you should use hydro vacuum excavation; a modern and safer method of excavating as opposed to more traditional methods.

Why? Quite simply, there are several benefits associated with hydro excavation; saving you both time and money.

Less time-consuming and safer for workers

Hydro excavation (also known as non-destructive digging) is cheaper and less time-consuming than traditional methods. The conventional method of excavating requires hand-digging around utilities which not only takes longer, but it can be unsafe for workers if working close to mains power, sewage, telecommunication and fibre optic lines, and there is always the threat of a trench cave-in.

Less destructive than traditional methods

Compared to traditional excavating, hydro vacuum excavation is less destructive, and therefore less time is needed to restore surroundings to their original condition.

No damage to utilities

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, using a vacuum excavation technique will provide 100% accuracy in locating underground services; ensuring no damage is caused. Combine these three factors, and hydro vacuum excavation not only saves you time, it will also save you money.

How does it work?

The hydro vacuum excavation method uses pressurised water to break up soil that is then removed using a vacuum system. Once removed, the soil, dirt and any debris is contained within a holding tank until it is taken off-site and disposed of at an approved location. As opposed to traditional methods, this process is a clean, precise and efficient way of excavating, while causing minimal damage to the surface above.

So now you’ve decided this method is right for you, how do you find a specialist in hydro excavation Maryborough businesses can rely on? It’s simple. You contact Sludgebusters.

Our team is highly efficient when it comes to hydro excavation, getting the job done quickly and within budget, without causing any harm to the external environment. What more could you ask for? Contact us for a free quote on hydro excavation for your business.