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For many people in rural and regional Victoria, septic tanks are an important part of their household infrastructure.

Like any piece of equipment that has to toil constantly, regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance will keep the system working efficiently and help extend its lifespan.

So what do you actually know about your domestic septic system or wastewater treatment system? Do you understand how it works, its key components and how to care for it? Septic systems – which comprise the pipe between the house and the septic tank, the tank itself, drainfield area and microbe-rich soil – are robust workhorses that many homes simply couldn’t do without.

At Sludgebusters, we’ve been providing domestic septic tank cleaning and other related services across central Victoria for more than two decades. From desludging to maintenance and troubleshooting problems, we know that regular cleaning every three years can play a key part in keeping the system working efficiently.

Our friendly team has the knowledge and the modern equipment to carry out professional desludging. So if you notice bad odours wafting from your home’s drains or septic system or water is taking forever to drain from sinks, baths and showers, check whether it is time to clean the septic tank.

Tips for caring for septic systems include:

  • Making sure you get it professionally cleaned every three or so to remove a build up of the semi-solid material called sludge. Specialists such as the Sludgebusters team can also check for problems including blocked outlet or leaks.
  • If your system has a filter, make sure you know the correct way to clean it.
  • Take care to keep harmful products including non-biodegradables and harsh chemicals out of your septic system. That means don’t flush anything down the toilet except toilet paper and human waste. And don’t use your sinks as disposal units either. It’s not a good idea to wash substances including cooking oil or grease or pharmaceuticals down your drains because they can have a detrimental effect on your septic tank’s efficiency. Many paint products are also a big ‘no’.
  • Use septic-safe cleaning products around the home.
  • Be water wise in your home, using water-efficient shower heads and toilets to help your septic system to perform well.
  • And keep your drain field in good health. That means limit tree roots by keeping planting an adequate distance away and don’t subject the area to heavy traffic and compaction.

If you own a septic tank you have a responsibility to make sure it is working well. If it falls into disrepair or leaks, the consequences can be far reaching and dangerous to people and the environment. Contaminated liquid leaching into the groundwater is an extremely serious issue, making regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional vital for homeowners.

So don’t risk it. Contact our experienced team at Sludgebusters online today and take advantage of our septic tank cleaning and maintenance services. We are here to help.