ClickCease Professional Cleaning Of Wastewater Treatment Systems - Sludgebusters

Specialists in cleaning domestic wastewater treatment systems

For wastewater treatment systems to perform effectively, they need to be cleaned regularly by professionals who know what they’re doing.

And that’s us – Sludgebusters. Cleaning home wastewater systems is a core part of our business and takes our crews across central Victoria to locations including Bendigo, Maryborough and Ballarat.

Removing sludge from septic tanks and treatment systems is definitely not a DIY job, so leave it to the experts. We pump out the semi-solid material into our tankers and carefully transport it away. And it’s a task that needs to be done every few years to keep treatment systems running smoothly and help prolong their lifespan.

Cleaning wastewater treatment systems regularly also makes it possible to detect any potential problems that could lead to groundwater contamination if left unchecked. While sludge removal is a key part of our cleaning process, we also carry out other tasks including ongoing maintenance.

Whether you’ve got a trusty septic tank or a big wastewater treatment system on your property, we can help. We are also well versed in cleaning and pumping private treatment plants often found on new housing estates across the state.

We can capably clean and pump a wide range of wastewater treatment systems including quality models from market leaders BioCycle, Taylex, Aqua-nova and Septech with minimum fuss and an affordable price tag.

When it comes to cleaning wastewater treatment systems, turn to our team for a professional result. Contact us at Sludgebusters for more information or to book our cleaning service.