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Expert water tank cleaning for Maryborough clients

Water tank being cleaned by Sludgebusters.

When was the last time you organised cleaning for your water tank in Maryborough? If the answer is never, then give Sludgebusters a call. If it’s been five years, still pick up that phone. We recommend you get tanks cleaned every two to three years if you are drinking the stored water and using it in your house.

And there’s a good reason for calling in the professionals to carry out a thorough desludging and cleaning. Rainwater harvested from roofs can pick up dust, debris, leaf litter and bird droppings. While filters can help keep debris away, impurities and particles can still make it through to the stored supply.

The last thing you want is for bacteria and other nasties to build up in your water over time and contaminate it. Good tank hygiene is important for your family’s health, so make sure the supply is suitable for consumption and use.

With regular cleaning, residents in Maryborough are protecting their health and well-being as well as the lifespan of their tank. Sludgebusters’ expert team has years of experience when it comes to washing water tanks and removing built-up sludge. We have the knowledge, equipment and trucks to efficiently clean tanks of all sizes and our prices are highly competitive.

We urge people to inspect their rainwater tanks every six months to see whether they need cleaning. If you notice that your tank water has an unpleasant smell, is discoloured or tastes strange, it could be time to take action.

Bushfires can also trigger the need for a quality clean. Many parts of Victoria have battled fires over recent summer seasons, with wind depositing ash and debris on roofs many kilometres from raging fire fronts. This can end up in people’s stored water supply when it eventually rains.

If you would like to organise professional water tank cleaning in Maryborough, please contact our friendly crew today. We are happy to help.