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Wastewater treatment plants in Bendigo get helping hand from Sludgebusters

Emptying Taylex wastewater systems in St Arnaud

Did you know Sludgebusters are your go-to team for the expert cleaning and maintenance of domestic wastewater treatment plants in Bendigo? After years in the industry, our professional outfit has the experience, equipment and qualifications to keep these workhorse treatment systems working at optimum efficiency.

As a licensed and accredited wastewater service provider with the EPA, Sludgebusters understand just how important it is to ensure this vital infrastructure runs safely at homes across the region. Without regular checks and servicing, problems can go undetected. This can potentially lead to contamination, causing serious health ramifications for people and the environment.

Bendigo is growing steadily. The city, rich in heritage and opportunities, is a regional hub that’s packed with innovative businesses. New housing estates are under development, with people also moving into the nearby countryside for a more relaxed lifestyle. And many need domestic wastewater systems to treat household black and grey water.

Reliable crew

While there is a range of different models on the market, wastewater treatment plants in the Bendigo region all need regular maintenance. Property owners are required to schedule maintenance every three months and call on servicing agents to carry out the work.

That’s where we can help. Our friendly and reliable crew is happy to take on the task. It’s a core part of our business and we’re experts when it comes to desludging, cleaning and maintenance to keep systems performing safely and efficiently. We also abide by all the necessary rules and regulations, disposing of pumped solids and sludge in the approved manner.

No matter what brand of treatment system you have – Taylex, BioCycle, Aqua-Nova, FujiClean, Septech or another – we can help. We’ve got the know how and the equipment including our 12,000-litre vacuum tankers to do the job right, every time.

When it comes to domestic wastewater treatment plants Bendigo people can trust our team to deliver quality results. Contact Sludgebusters for a free quote or to book our services.