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Wastewater treatment plants in Bendigo

Wastewater treatment plants Bendigo

At Sludgebusters, a core part of our business is looking after wastewater treatment plants in Bendigo and surrounding areas. We’ve spent many years desludging, cleaning and maintaining these workhorse systems that are crucial infrastructure for homes without connection to sewer mains. And when these systems are operating inefficiently, households suffer.

So don’t let that happen to you. Get our experienced and friendly team in to get them sorted. We’ve got the know-how and the modern equipment including 12,000-litre vacuum tankers to carefully pump out sludge and solids and dispose of them safely. We can also handle any necessary repairs while we are on site.

Our team has strong experience across a range of leading wastewater treatment plants in Bendigo. We’ve got you covered when it comes to brands including Taylex, BioCycle, Septech, Aqua-Nova and FujiClean. At Sludgebusters, we understand how these systems work and what action to take to keep them running at peak efficiency.

If your plant is from one of these premium brands, you’ll have peace of mind that it is designed and built to get the job done correctly. They are quality performers. And they are a step up from the traditional septic tank, with aerobic wastewater treatment systems much better for the environment.

But they still need attention to keep performing at their optimum level. Make sure you follow manufacturer recommendations when it comes to cleaning intervals. Or give us a call at Sludgebusters and we can offer practical advice.

Well-maintained waste water treatment plants in Bendigo will work better and enjoy an extended lifespan. Home owners also have a legal requirement to organise regular servicing.

So turn to Sludgebusters for help. As a registered and licensed wastewater service provider, we won’t let you down. Call our local crew on 03 5444 1993 to book our services.