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Cleaning underneath shearing sheds in Central Victoria

Cleaning under shearing shed in Central Victoria

Did you know that Sludgebusters now provide professional cleaning underneath shearing sheds in Central Victoria?

And isn’t that good news for farmers who have spent hours cramped under their woolshed with the trusty shovel, manually removing the waste by hand. It’s dusty, dirty and smelly work. And we can almost hear their collective sigh of relief at the prospect of handballing the tedious task.

Sludgebusters, your EPA-accredited waste removal and cleaning experts, are happy to do the hard work for you at a competitive price.

We put our specialist services to good use at shearing sheds in the state’s central region. Some have gone decades without a good cleanout. This can lead to problems including rotting stumps and, in extreme cases, deteriorating floor grating.

Our professional team uses highly specialised equipment to remove the built-up waste. Cleaning underneath shearing sheds involves taking away wet, dry, hardened and loose manure. It is sucked into our well-maintained vacuum tankers and disposed of at a suitable site.

Your go-to team

Projections by the Meat and Livestock Australia in 2021 forecast the national sheep flock would exceed 74 million head this year. And that flock will generate a serious amount of waste falling through the gratings of shearing sheds across the country.

While it can be tedious for farmers to clear under their shearing sheds, it’s also important to make sure this crucial infrastructure remains clean and safe for workers.

So how long has it been since you cleaned out under your shearing shed? Have you looked lately? Is it time to take action?

If so, then we’re your go-to team for the job. We’ve got the experience, knowledge and quality equipment to carry out the task efficiently and safely.

If you would like more information on cleaning underneath shearing sheds in Central Victoria, please contact Sludgebusters today. We are happy to provide a free competitive quote.