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Septic tank cleaning a healthy necessity

Did you know that inadequately managed septic tank systems can lead to deadly pathogens contaminating drinking water?

That’s why it is important to call on the experienced team from Sludgebusters for septic tank cleaning and system inspection on a regular basis.

A recent ABC news report clearly highlighted the fact that contamination is a real problem that has impacted several communities across New South Wales. The public broadcaster revealed areas where unfiltered drinking water pumped from water bodies including rivers and dams regularly had these health-risk pathogens at dangerous levels.

The information – sourced from NSW Health documents using Freedom of Information – found over 100,000 people were told to take protective boil-water measures over the last half a decade. While contamination from septic tanks wasn’t the sole cause of the health risk, it was a contributor in areas including part of Bemboka River catchment and Upper Hunter.

And that’s bad news for people using that water. Bad for their health – with the gastro-causing parasite cryptosporidium part of the contamination mix – and bad for the environment.

The ABC report is a wake-up call to people with domestic wastewater treatment systems. And the message is to keep those systems in good working order at all times through professional services including inspection and desludging.

At Sludgebusters, we are the go-to team when it comes to septic tank cleaning for properties across central Victoria. While we recommend desludging your tank at least every three years, you can also call on our team to handle any blockages that arise. And if you need us urgently for a serious issue, we offer emergency services round the clock, every day of the week.

Wastewater treatment systems are not cheap, but they’re essential if you live in an area not serviced by a mains sewer network. And once you’ve invested in such a system, the better you maintain it the longer it will last. Septic tank cleaning by Sludgebusters is a practical way to help extend your tank’s efficiency and lifespan.

So don’t risk releasing deadly pathogens into the environment – and possibly nearby waterways – through septic tank failures. Keep yours in tip-top shape with specialist help from Sludgebusters. Please contact us to book our septic tank cleaning services today.