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Septic tank cleaning experts in St Arnaud

Septic Tank Cleaning Experts In St Arnaud

Have you considered organising domestic septic tank cleaning in St Arnaud before a swarm of guests descend on your home for the holiday season?

After all, the last thing you want is to have festivities underway only to find the toilet’s blocked or there’s an unpleasant odour emanating from the septic system.

So save yourself the stress and put Sludgebusters to work.

At Sludgebusters, we’re experts when it comes the professional septic tank cleaning St Arnaud clients can trust to keep their domestic wastewater systems working smoothly.

We recommend you get professionals in to clean – also known as desludge – your septic tank at least every three years. But every household is different. If you have a lot of people living under your roof or a small tank, you might need to arrange desludging more frequently. And if you’re expecting a cast of dozens to turn up for Christmas or over the New Year, your septic tank system will get a workout.

Clues your septic tank needs cleaning

Often your septic tank can give you clues that it needs some professional attention. These clues can include:

  • Your bath, shower or basins taking a long time to drain. Or maybe the water simply isn’t draining away at all;
  • Your toilet is blocked;
  • And the septic tank smells and has green grass growing around it.

Our experienced team can inspect your septic tank to see whether it needs to be pumped clean. We’ll make sure inlet and outlet pipes are clear of blockages and check whether any repairs are necessary. If we uncover any major cracks in the tank, or its lid, we’ll let you know straight away and come up with possible solutions to rectify the situation.

Apart from regular cleaning, there are easy steps you can take to help your septic tank work at its optimum level. Firstly, as water authorities tell us, only flush the Three Ps (pee, poo and toilet paper) down the toilet. We concur. Do not dispose of items such as baby wipes, tampons, condoms and paper towel down your toilet.

Secondly, be water efficient. And thirdly, find alternatives to using harsh chemicals in your household.

If you think your property is due for septic tank cleaning in St Arnaud before summer festivities kick off, contact our team on 0417 598 614 today. We’re also happy to carry out inspections and repairs for our clients too. We also handle septic tank cleaning for commercial businesses.