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Septic tank pumping for Maryborough residents

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Many people get in contact with us to enquire about septic tank pumping in Maryborough, while septic tank cleaning and pumping are terms that are often used by people to mean the same thing, the two terms actually mean slightly different things.

Septic tank pumping can be defined as the removal of the water from the tank along with some sludge/solids. While pumping the septic tank is effective in most cases, it is not as thorough as a complete septic tank clean. It will remove the sediment that could potentially result in a blockage, but if you simply get your septic tank pumped you will need to do it more frequently than if you were to get your tank completely cleaned.

On the other hand, septic tank cleaning is the complete removal of all water and compact sludge from the tank. This is the optimal procedure for keeping your septic tank working optimally and preventing blockages.

If carried out every 3 years, septic tank cleaning will allow your septic tank to serve its purpose for decades to come. If you need septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning, it should be carried out by an EPA licensed professional with the proper equipment, such as a vacuum truck, a trained and skilled team, and safety gear.

Contact Sludgebusters today for a free quote on septic tank pumping in Maryborough, we service both residential and commercial clients and can assist you by establishing a maintenance schedule that will ensure your septic tank is cleaned regularly without you having to worry about it.