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Grease trap cleaning in Ballarat

Reliable grease trap cleaning services in Ballarat are vital for the regional city’s growing hospitality industry.

The industry is a strong contributor to the city’s economic health and vitality. With the population growing, people are flocking to bars, restaurants, cafes and take-away premises. This means these businesses need to be on top of their game when it comes to dealing with issues such as greasy water. The last thing they want is their kitchen’s waste water system to fail when they need it the most.

When it comes to professional grease trap cleaning Ballarat businesses can rely on our experienced team at Sludgebusters for a quality result. Our experts will remove and properly dispose of any oil, fat, grease and food scraps in these important traps. The greasy waste, from preparing and cooking food, can cause significant blockages in drains.

We recommend businesses organise grease trap cleaning at least every three months. This will help keep your wastewater system working well and reduce risk of drains and pipes clogging. It will also stop unpleasant odours from impacting your kitchen and your customers.

Because we’re an EPA-licensed waste collector, you can trust us to clean and dispose of greasy waste safely and in line with regulations.

For more information on grease trap cleaning Ballarat hospitality businesses can contact our friendly team at Sludgebusters today.